The Indirectotron 9000™

Welcome to a mirror of the Indirectotron 9000™!

The Indirectotron 9000™ from Pineal Systems, Inc. is the solution to all some of your naughty linking needs. Feed it an URI, and an optional description of just what's so hazardous about it, and you'll be given a link. This link, when followed, will invoke the Indirectotron 9000™'s electronic brain and warn the click-happy surfer about what they're getting into. They'll be given the choice to proceed to your sinister web address, or to bail out and run for the hills.

The Indirectotron 9000™ only does indirection. It doesn't even contact the linked server, so won't do a thing about cleaning up content. For that, consider looking at Kickstart's FriendlyUser Friendlyuser no longer appears to be online. Sorry about that.


Warning text:

I don't take any responsibility for any trouble you might get yourself into with this. I don't guarantee that people will follow the Indirectotron's advice. I don't guarantee that the Indirectotron 9000™ won't cause Cher to endlessly sing at you. Or that it will. The Indirectotron 9000™ isn't actually a trademark of anyone: it's just annoyingly postmodern, like most things on the Internet. As per the license, the PHP source code is availible.